Renato RattiThere are three characterizing factors in the outcome of a great wine: the vine, the climate and the soil; one factor however is determinant: man. The connections between climate, soil and vine are truly complex; when by a combination of hard work and serendipity, they reach a perfect balance (one impossible to evaluate a priori) we are blessed with wines of incomparable quality.Renato Ratti

Renato Ratti, 1971

Mappa vigneti Renato RattiIn 1965 Renato Ratti purchases the first small Barolo Marcenasco® vineyard, in size approx. two Piedmontese "days" (ancient land measurement equal to 7,000 m2). Presently overall holdings cover 35 hectares, divided among 6 properties situated in La Morra, Mango and Costigliole d'Asti. The varieties, microclimates and soils are different, but all are cultivated with the same great love for the vine and respect for the environment.

Società Agricola Ratti s.s. di Pietro Ratti

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Renato Ratti