The ancient Abbey in honor of Our Lady of the Annunciation was erected in or around the year One Thousand. Renato Ratti's Museum for the Wines of Alba came into being in 1971.

2nd Century AD
In ancient Roman times, the present-day hamlet of Annunziata outside of La Morra came into being as a rural settlement.

Year One Thousand
The Romanesque Abbey of St. Martin of Marcenasco was erected over the ruins of an ancient castle. The priorate belonged to the Benedictine Friars and possessed vineyards all around the monastery, vineyards denominated "Marcenasco" which produced a wine called "Nebiolium."

A new convent was chartered for the Order of the Servants of Mary. The complex became an important socio-religious hub as well as wine production center replete with cellars and adjoining rural constructions.

The Church, designed by the architect Michelangelo Garove in the baroque style and dedicated to Our Lady of the Annunciation, was erected beside the Abbey, on the ruins of the original ancient parish church.

Pope Pious VII briefly sojourned there on his way back from France. Noted was his exclamation: "Ah! Morra! Fine sky and good wine!".

With the Siccardi Edicts, ownership of the Abbey passed to the township of La Morra.

Renato Ratti came and, after using the space to produce Barolo, transformed it, in 1971, into the Ratti Museum of the Wines of Alba.

Renato Ratti

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