The Museum, a living compendium of traditions and images, set right beside the production cellar, was realized in 1971 by Renato Ratti to worthily crown the work of refining grapes and wines and to foster the good name and high honor of Alba as an important wine capital of the world.

He gathered within the venerable old walls of the Abbey dell'Annunziata objects and documents through which the local vines and wines could tell their age-long story.

Antique vats, an evolutionary series of bottles, pressure corkers, measuring instruments, wooden ploughs, presses with spiraling wooden screws and nut screws, a series of fascinating documents (town statutes, harvest proclamations, rules and regulations for the circulation and commerce of wine, ordinances) as well as historical and technical outlines of the zones of origin for all of Alba's great wines.

While drawing in the visitors, the Museum pays respect to the age-old local traditions and is simultaneously entertaining and didactic.

Renato Ratti

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Renato Ratti